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Our services

Telecommunication services

Sicom invest specializes in trading telecommunication software products, customizing software for the end user, and software service support. The company has been a market leader in this sector for several years. With the help of telecommunications and information technology experts, we ensure the implementation of complex solutions in existing or new environments. With strong technical expertise and a clear understanding of schedules, resource allocation systems, and teamwork principles, we act as the link that brings together all the participants in your telecommunications project.

Software trading

We develop or acquire the Software and then sell it to merchants and other self-employed individuals, legal entities, and individuals who obtain it for their professional or commercial activities.

We modify the basic Software according to the request and needs of customers, which individually expands the capabilities of the Software Products and allows you to perform high-speed data processing in communication channels on the telecommunications equipment of operators (BIG DATA), analysis of incoming and outgoing data passing through communication channels and uploading the necessary reports.

We analyze the needs and requirements of the Customer for the development of technical solutions of any complexity, provide warranty support for Software Products from the moment of completion, and provide round-the-clock remote solutions to problems with a remote connection to the Customer's or end user's equipment.

Administrative services

Standing Meeting

Financial advice and investment services

Sicom invest also provides financial and investment advisory services. We deal with financial analysis of the company, review, and analysis of the company's current situation, setting up short and long-term financial plans, cash flow preparation, assistance in implementing measures to improve the liquidity and solvency of the company, help with receivables management and provide financial monitoring of the company. We are also experts in investment projects, providing our clients with various individual services or integrated support throughout their business - from coordination, preparation, and finalization of the final report to the successful completion of the project.

Solar projects

Sicom invest is responsible for the engineering, construction and overall planning of solar power plants in the context of solar projects. We operate solar power plants and cogeneration plants of various capacities.

We are experts in the management of energy projects, namely in monitoring the operation of the generating installations and in the management of all documentation related to the generating installations. We are currently present in the energy sector in Slovenia, where we work with more than 10 companies and manage a total of 52 solar power plants with a total capacity of 14.98 MW and 4 cogeneration plants with a total capacity of 1.949 MW.

We also take care of the maintenance of the energy facilities with the help of external contractors.

Casual Business Meeting

Sicom invest prides itself on its rich experience with services that are most needed by individual foreign citizens who want to open a company in Slovenia, get a job, and also live in Slovenia. We offer foreign citizens services for opening a company, such as advice on the conditions and necessary documentation, on the procedure for opening and registering a company, obtaining a tax number, obtaining a certificate of criminal record, setting up a company with the competent authority, advice on choosing a bank, final registration of the company with the competent authority, opening a company transaction account at the selected bank, consulting, management and organization of the process, preparation of documents, editing of translations, cooperation with court interpreters and many other services.

Upon agreement based on contractual cooperation, we also offer the following company management services, such as administrative and business services and the preparation of strategic and business plans, representation services in the form of a director or procurator, and office space rental services.

Sicom invest also regulates individual services for foreigners, primarily consulting services on the conditions and necessary documentation and the procedure for obtaining a single permit for residence and work in Slovenia, i.e., preparation of the application and other essential documentation, submission of the application or forwarding documentation to state authorities and managing and verifying the procedure at the administrative authority, obtaining a Slovenian tax number, opening a bank account, registering for temporary residence, registering for health insurance, etc. After receiving a unified residence and work permit, we also offer personal services for foreigners, i.e., accompaniment in the arrangement of minor and major services in Slovenia and translation and interpretation,  accompanying at various events following the clients' needs. In addition to carrying out the entire process, we also provide you with full support and advice.

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